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To see again

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

JUNE 09, 2007 I've experienced the dessert: a series of events that hassled my passion beginning in August of 2006. The last of the sapping sands subsided with a trip to the Rockies in August of 2007.

I am replenished enough to begin to blog my vision again, and it's a good feeling.

It's a good feeling to still have vision. To see it again. To know that I walked through a very dry season when the dust was so thick I couldn't see it. To know that the vision never left me. Instead, it is growing more clear.

He never left me. He walked the dusty road with me.

This painting was done at an ASA open model night the first week of June. Painting Michelle ignited a pure delight that transcended the slump-ish dullness of merely painting so-so over the long dessert of my soul.

Maybe it was getting back to watercolor after struggling with fluid acrylics. Maybe it was getting back to an exercise routine the month before. Maybe it was believing in myself enough to see a chiropractor, so that my painting arm was finally healing from the injuries I had experienced from care-giving on Christmas Day.

An excellent e-mail critique from my friend Melissa Harris inspired me to work through the few remaining obstacles to get to the place where I could sign my name with relish.

More to come. I am back on the path at last.

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