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Sharing my knowledge with students and mentoring artists is my passion. In order to paint one must master drawing. As a classically trained artist, I can lead the way to drawing and painting mastery via private instruction or classes and make your journey fun and exciting. 

The Wild Drummer
Self Portrait 2010
Yellow Creek
The Colors of Relating
Shadow Dance III
Nightfall on The New River
Red Pine - Red Maple
A Window to the Woods
The Little Cuyahoga
January Car Sketch
Blue Hen Falls
Komorebi (Light Leaking Through Trees)
Abiding Vine
Power Grab
East Market Street, Looking West
Bumpity Bumpity Bump!
txt msg
Morning at the Old Christmas Tree Farm
Sippo Lake Summer
The Sycamore
The Old Timken Gatehouse
Nasturtium Botanical Sketch
Zoar Gardens, Historic Zoar Village
From the Womb
Hot August Morning, Gervasi
Ingres with an Ankh
Viva Italia
Feathers All About
Blanket Dude
Last Farm in Green?
Artist Judy Gaiser
The Smoke, portrait of David Wascko
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