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About the Artist

Lynda studied Studio Art at Kent State University mastering drawing and illustration under Thompson Lehnert and Douglas Ungar, and the direct methond in oil painting on large canvases from Joseph O'Sickey and George Danhires with continued study under Judith Carducci (portraiture and pastel) and Nancy Matin (watercolor). She is a Signature Member of the Akron Society of Artists, and member of the Canton Artists League

Lynda's works in charcoal, pastel, watercolor, gouache, acrylic and oil. Her works have been featured at the Canton Museum of Art, Akron's Summit Artspace, Minerva's Market Street ArtSpot, Carroll County Arts and the Ahh Gallery in Lousiville, Ohio

Artist Statement

Painting is my most direct form of creative expression. As an artist, I long to connect and celebrate with nature and stir myself and others to be surprised by joy. The play of light in landscapes or the candid expressions in ourselves often point to the Divine. Truly, a connection with our Maker and creation as it should be anchors us in an often turbulent man-made world.

Sharing my knowledge with students and mentoring artists is my passion. In order to paint one must master drawing. As a classically trained artist, I can lead the way to drawing and painting mastery via private instruction or classes and make your journey fun and exciting. Check out my classes and workshops page!

Watercolor is my first love due to its ability to abandon itself to chance revelations as the paint flows and mixes on paper, followed by the immediacy and intensity of pastel and lastly, the buttery density and saturated colors of oil paint.

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