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Now offering Classical Drawing and Painting

$25 session or 6 sessions for $120


$100 during December

Classes starting January 11 and continuing every Thursday from 2:30-5pm

Pursue your passion with guided drawing and painting sessions. Lynda will offer individualized positive encouragement and the insights needed on your work to move forward at your best pace. Each class includes a demonstration of drawing and painting concepts or techniques and a group sharing time to gain more insights and be inspired by others' works. The use of a sketchbook to hone drawing skills and develop painting ideas is encouraged.


The Ahh Gallery

128 E Main St, Louisville, OH 44641


by calling (330) 705-8347

or email 

Students bring what materials and equipment they have to the first class.

Those using paints should also bring a drop cloth or a plastic table cloth for their area.

Easels are optional.

Future offerings include


Beginning script calligraphy for the non-calligrapher, calligraphy marker and handouts provided.

Nature Journaling at Historic Zoar Village

Take your sketchbook outdoors and record the wonders of creation. The more you look, the more you will be amazed. The more you capture with pencil, and watercolor the more you will appreciate how complex and miraculous life on earth really is. 

Drawing with Children Series

Budding artists will learn to combine he basic elements of drawing, following the Monart Method using her books Drawing with Children and Drawing with Older Children and Teens along with the classic Drawing from the Right Side of the Brain.

Drawing from VanGogh

Discover the stories behind the paintings and learn to SEE: comprehend scale, rhythm, balance, asymmetry and more while practicing color application with tempera paint sticks.

Class features an accompanying reading from one of Vincent's letters to his brother Theo. Also, we will explore the Japanese print design elements which made Vincent’s works unique.


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