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The Call

SATURDAY, JANUARY 14, 2006 "We may retire from our jobs, but never from our calling. We may at times be unemployed, but no one ever becomes uncalled." — Os Guinness

I'm getting serious about this, enough to work at marketing. I finally made a business card, stationary and price list ... all in the last 3 days. I also created new web pages with paintings on my graphic design website.

Now, I can hand out a card with the web address to interested people, who can then look at the paintings and prices and e-mail me.

Art is work and more work. Why not get enough from all this work to put food on the table? The call does allow for living, does it not? Marketing is the first step.

And what is the final step? Last spring I took classes from a gentleman that has survived lung cancer and teaches advanced watercolor every Tuesday morning to a dozen people. There will always be something for him to offer: it is pure joy to watch his brush dance across the paper and pull out the most exciting composition from a photo that failed to inspire me.

He will never outgrow his sense of wonder.

He will never become uncalled.

My student work from his class is a start (I'm completely not fond of thalo blue skies, but I sold the painting!):

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