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Feathers all about

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 22, 2006 I'm taking this portrait to critique tonight, just as I had left it. I tried cropping it with a mat, and like it better with the vignette. Good news: the model is buying the painting. She likes it as is. I can't think of any better motivation for leaving a painting alone! She may mat it. I showed her pictures of it both ways.

Thankful for this and many things. We are still paying bills without Patrick doing carpentry and without borrowing, waiting on God's provision. I always have cash for the model fees, too. How are we making it? Patrick is starting to get reliable pay from Wheels. He keeps finding things around the house to sell on e-bay. This month a set of drums are paying the mortgage. I have steady graphic design work right now on a catalog, and I also had a successful workshop on PhotoShop for the Fine Artist.

I expound on all the bill stuff to remind myself: I can make a career of painting. Life is good.

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